December 2018 Field assessment

December 2018 Field assessment

Pilgrims of Hope (POH) and Humanity & Inclusion (HI) in their Multisectoral Need Assessment trip to the Greater Equatoria covering areas of Juba, Terekeka, Mundri west, Yambio and Tambura has a lot to tell and lessons to learn. In order for one to understand the reality on the ground in areas hard to reach and in deep villages where services are rear, dedication of time and resources but also engagement with all the stakeholders is vital.  The trip lasted the whole of December and the whole assessment covering Schools, Households and various community groups and group leaders discussions were visited. All these gave the whole picture of what is working and what is not working.We could not be able to hold in due to the suffering of people and more especially those with disabilities.  We hope that as you go through these potential photos taken during the assessment, you will be able to visualise what everything is all about and the need for intervention.


  • thanks a lot for reaching areas hard to reach

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    • You are most welcomed

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